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Hi there, I'm Flanry Carvalho!

I work with a 100% personalized service, applying international methodologies and strategies that will turn your image into the success factor you so desire. It will be a pleasure to assist you and help you on your new journey!

Learn to understand and work on your success image!
Would you like to stand out in the personal and professional fields, obtaining greater visibility with a strategic image; knowledge of the colors and outfits that can bring you greater value, while keeping your own style, without being afraid to be who you are?

I'm with you and I'm going to help you!

Check out our featured services below.

Our Services

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Full Image Consulting

You'll learn how to use your image in a strategic way, get to know your personal style in detail; colors; outfits; haircuts and make-up, all the things that add even more value to your image.


Style Consulting

Method "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"

The "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" method will help you understand the most fitting outfits for you, valuing the points of your body that you like the most, and disguising the details that please you the least. We will make you see your true beauty, because nothing can enhance you further than your own features.

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Color Consulting

The personal color analysis is a tool of self-knowledge, which will help you find out which colors best empowers your natural beauty.

Consulting Packs

The Image Consulting Packs aim to offer a service in your own time, with top notch customer service. Express consultancy that fits your budget.
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Men's Consulting

The male image has a place in our services as well; them being: Color Consulting; style consulting (Method “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”); business consulting and outfit composition.

Individual Services

Our services are also offered individually, to better meet your needs.
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Business Consulting

Soon, we’ll also offer consultancy with full focus on your professional image. Get in touch to learn more.

Online Image Consulting

Soon, we’ll offer a 100% exclusive online service methodology.
Get in touch to learn more.

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Online Image Consulting


Have you ever realized that your image is an important factor for you to stand out anywhere? I offer you an online service, with a 100% exclusive methodology where you will learn everything about your image from the comfort of your own home!

Free Consultation


Do you want to get to know me a little bit better and find out about all our services? Schedule a free 15-minute online consultation.

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Customer Feedback

"If you are thinking about doing a color consultation, don't think twice and do it with this amazing, friendly and dedicated professional. Besides offering you a great service, you learn many things and, of course, the process will leave you happy and satisfied. I loved it and I recommend it."

Tainá Silva


"Flanry is a great consultant! The color consultation was very comprehensive, I learned a lot about my skin tone, how colors work in general and which colors suit me best and which ones don't, and also how to best combine colors. Now I feel more confident to experiment and put together more colorful looks! I loved the whole process."

Vivian M. Copertino


"Flanry is an excellent professional, caring and with excellent teaching skills. For those seeking a positive change in appearance and an improvement in self-esteem, Flanry Carvalho is the consultant you are looking for!"

Aline Badilho


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