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Color Consulting

A color analysis will allow you to see a world full of cores and energy. Discovering the right color will enrich you, reflecting a strong and striking image; helping you hide spots and dark circles; illuminating your face, leaving you with an incredible vigor.
símbolo representando a consultoria de cores basic

Color Consulting Basic


  • Knowledge about Color Analysis
  • Color Temperature and Season Analysis
  • Get to know your Seasons Color Palette
  • Warm Colors vs. Cold Colors
  • Exercise with Cards, to learn how to match colors
  • Analysis of Make-up according to your Color Temperature


Color Consulting Premium


  • Knowledge about Color Analysis
  • Color Temperature and Season Analysis
  • Get to know your Seasons Color Palette
  • Warm Colors vs. Cold Colors
  • Meaning of Colors, what they convey
  • Exercise with Cards, to learn how to match colors
  • Analysis of Make-up according to your Color Temperature
  • Hair Color Analysis
  • Putting together colorful Outfits



símbolo representando a consultoria de cores premium

Style Consulting

With the exclusive "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" method, you will have an incredible experience in front of the mirror, where I will show you what style and self-esteem already exist in you, for you to just find out and use the right tools to turn your look into a successful image, that’s where magic happens.

símbolo representando a consultoria de estilo método espelho, espelho meu

Style Consulting (“Mirror, Mirror on the wall” method)


  • Body Type Analysis
  • Models, Fabrics and Trims analysis
  • Prints Analysis
  • Cleavage Analysis
  • Skirt Analysis (special)
  • 7 Universal Styles
  • Your Personal Style
  • Trying on Clothes, Shoes and Accessories
  • Facial Analysis
  • Haircut Analysis
  • Harmonizing Accessories Analysis
  • Prescription Glasses and Sun Glasses Analysis



Closet Cleaning


The purpose of the wardrobe detox is to help you discard pieces you no longer wear, so that you better visualize what you have, and what you really wear. That is, to take away everything that is not aligned with your new image of success, and that does not correspond to your lifestyle; personality and current moment. After this analysis, we will check for the missing pieces to complete a versatile and efficient wardrobe.

  • Analysis of all the pieces in the Wardrobe
  • Pieces that need to go
  • Pieces to keep
  • Pieces that need repair
  • List of new pieces for purchase


símbolo representando a revitalização de guarda-roupa
símbolo representando o acompanhamento nas compras

Personal Shopping


I assist you with your shopping to help you find the things that best favor your style and body type.


Putting together Looks for an Image of Success


I'll help you assemble 30 outfits according to what you want; looks for work; for leisure; travel, and any other you may feel you need. We will take pictures of all the outfits, so that you have them as support material in future productions.


símbolo representando a montagem de looks
símbolo representando a montagem de mala inteligente

Putting together a smart travel bag


We will assemble strategic outfits for the right number of days and occasions. You will be assisted in organizing your travel bag and you’ll be provided with photos for all looks.


If none of the services above meet your needs or if you’re looking for a 100% customized service for other purposes, get in touch!

Online Image Consulting


Have you ever realized that your image is an important factor for you to stand out anywhere? I offer you an online service, with a 100% exclusive methodology where you will learn everything about your image from the comfort of your own home!

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Customer Feedback

"Flanry is a great consultant! The color consultation was very comprehensive, I learned a lot about my skin tone, how colors work in general and which colors suit me best and which ones don't, and also how to best combine colors. Now I feel more confident to experiment and put together more colorful looks! I loved the whole process."

Vivian Monteiro Copertino


"I loved the color consulting, it was simple so that I could understand it better and super didactic. My palette made perfect sense, now I can not only organize my closet but also harmonize and enhance my features. Very satisfied and happy!"

Mariana Silva


"Loved my consulting with Flanry!!! Excellent professional! She helped me discover the world of colors and combinations as well as my personal color palette and several tips for looks. With this I felt more confident and at ease in using colors and styles that I didn't use before! It was very worthwhile and I highly recommend it!"

Mariah Mascarenhas


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