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Retrato Flanry Carvalho Consultora de Imagem e Estilo

Flanry Carvalho

My name is Flanry Carvalho, I'm from Ceará and I'm 24 years old. In 2019, I decided to open the doors to the world of new opportunities and knowledge, and it was in Germany that I majored in Fashion, Styling and Shooting by the AMD Berlin.

Since I was not feeling satisfied just with the idea of working in Styling, I decided I'd like to connect with people and feelings, and somehow positively interfere with their lives. Helping them find their style and self-esteem in themselves. Teaching them to realize that it is more than possible, to have an image of success, both in the personal and professional fields. Soon after, I took the Training in Image and Style Consulting, with Dany Couto, in which the main focus was "Positive Psychology in feeling and dressing".

This specialization was fundamental to develop a confident demeanor with the consultancies I then started to perform, making it possible for me to understand the client from the inside out.

I specialized in personal coloring through Studio Immagine, where I've had the necessary support with techniques and studies to offer my clients a personalized quality service.

I majored in Image Consulting, in Germany, through the Corporate Color in Dusseldorf, which allowed me to create my own method in styling service “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”, focusing on your IMAGE AS A SUCCESS FACTOR.

I participated in courses focusing on Advanced Image Consulting and image consulting courses that meet the male image as well.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall...I have style and confidence!" In front of the mirror, you'll be able to see yourself as a new, more beautiful woman."

Flanry Carvalho

Focus & professional Vision

My main focus is to bring you security when it comes to getting dressed. Making you love yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are.

The self-esteem you seek is already within you! By using the right tools, and connecting with the image you want to transmit, the results will show.

Self-esteem is the driving force for motivation.If today you can’t feel satisfied with what you see in the mirror, it is possible that the other points of your life are also being affected.

With this in mind, I developed my own method of style consulting "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall". Through it, I’ll be able to teach you, in front of the mirror; how to love yourself more; to respect yourself; to accept what can't be changed in your body; and to focus on your image as a success factor.

This stresses that the project of image, as a success factor, emerges to show that beauty does not reside in the standards, and that nothing enriches you more than your own features. We need to rescue that notion, and make you see your true beauty, which makes you unique and admirable.

Seeing women feeling happier and confident, self-assured and more empowered by their image, is what makes me feel accomplished as a professional.

I dedicate a lot of love to each client and the return is very rewarding. It will be a pleasure to assist you and help you on this new journey of success.

With love, Flanry Carvalho

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